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Founded in 1997, Shanghai Goldensun education group is headquartered in Shanghai, covering preschool education, primary school, junior high school, high school, international high school, re-reading class for entrance examination, minority language college entrance examination and training. With its advanced management team and professional teaching staff, Shanghai Goldensun education group has more than 50 schools (including high school cooperative schools) and more than 20 directly operated kindergartens all over the country. The number of graduates from various schools (including kindergartens) at all levels has reached more than 150000, and there are more than 30000 students in school. In 2016, Goldensun group was rated as "the top ten famous brand education groups of national private education" by the Organizing Committee of national private education conference.

— Academic Education —

The annual enrollment rate of the group's academic education schools is among the highest in the region. As one of the junior high schools trusted by parents, Chongwen middle school has a enrollment ratio over 30:1. The artistic characteristics and achievements of Wenzhou Ouhai art school are impressive.

— Non-academic Education —

The group's foreign language training, minority language college entrance examination and high school & college entrance examination training constitute the core content of the group's non academic education section.
Its foreign language training schools (Shanghai Shijian and Shanghai Jicai) have more than 10 campuses with an annual training capacity of nearly 20000, offering various foreign language training courses to meet the different needs of studying abroad, taking examinations and working.
Minority language college entrance examination (Shanghai Qinshang), focusing on Spanish and other minority language college entrance examination teaching and online and offline combination of minority language courses.
High school & college entrance examination training (Wenzhou Yangfushan and Shanghai Shijian) is specially set up for the review students of the college entrance examination and the secondary school entrance examination reexamination students. The teaching staff has rich teaching experience and fruitful education and teaching, which has won the unanimous praise of the majority of students and parents.

— International Education —

The international education of Goldensun was officially founded in 2004. Its main responsibilities are to broaden communication channels and cooperation fields. Bilingual or all English mode is adopted to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with international vision according to foreign teaching plans, syllabus and original textbooks.